(2/2) How to recover from a buggy snippet? e.g. "Help my site broke"!


By Verdi Heinz

updated about 2 months ago

You can enable safe mode on a per-page basis by appending &snippets-safe-mode=1 to end of the current page’s URL. While safe mode is active, all snippets will not execute, allowing you to login to your site and deactivate any snippets that are causing issues.

For example, to see the WordPress admin area in safe mode, you would change the URL from this:


… to this:


Or, for another example, if you were viewing a page on the front-end of your site, you could change a URL like this:


… to this:


This will only work if the current user is logged in as an administrator – other visitors will see your site as normal.

Did this not work for you?

Then please try this other method.

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