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Help! My site broke! How can I fix it?

If you have just activated a snippet and now your entire site has crashed, leaving only a white screen or an error message, don't panic! We have a feature built just for this purpose, and it's called safe mode. While safe mode is active, all snipp...


By Shea Bunge

April 24, 2023

My site looks strange and I think a snippet is to blame

Be sure to check your snippets for errors before you activate them, as a faulty snippet could bring your whole site down. If your site starts doing strange things, deactivate all your snippets and activate them one at a time. If a faulty snippet h...


By Shea Bunge

August 13, 2021

I'm getting a 403 error when saving snippets

Receiving a 403: Forbidden error when attempting to save snippets through the WordPress dashboard seems to be often caused by the Apache mod_security module. If this is an error you are experiencing, the first step is to check whether you are usin...


By Shea Bunge

November 25, 2022

License Activation Issues

In some cases, a license activation can fail unexpectedly without showing any errors. Typical symptoms: The license activation page refreshes without anything happening. The  Activate button gets “stuck,” and nothing happens. Here are the most co...


By Natan Leibzon

April 9, 2023

Troubleshooting Code Snippet Plugin Bugs - An Alternative Option

Preface If you have scoured the knowledge base, forums and support articles in the hopes of understanding and resolving problems with the code snippet plugin running correctly on your wordpress site then the following guide aims to provide an alte...


By Atif Riaz

October 25, 2023