+ What will the price of Pro be? - Starting at $29

During launch pricing will start at only $29, $49, and $99 per year for 2, 6 or 200 sites. After launch prices will go to normal; $39, $59 and $129. These prices are not final until we actually launch. As always, we're open to constructive feedback.

+ Do I get to keep that low price after the first year? - Yes

Yes. Everyone who buys during the launch window will be “grandfathered in”. Meaning, that you’ll keep the pricing tier for as long as you remain a customer, no matter how many features we add or what price increases may be introduced in the future (important, especially after the Cloud Snippets Platform launches).

+ Will there be a lifetime deal? - Yes

There will a lifetime only offered once as we believe recurring income is a much more sustainable business model. The pack will be $249 for 500 sites and a few other benefits we'll list at launch.
Please note: The subsequent Lifetime deals are aimed at those who want to invest in our future platform Cloud Snippets to be an integral part of that.
More details on July 1st.

+ Can I become an affiliate? - Later this year

Yes, soon we’ll launch our “Aleafiate Program” where you can earn money, have trees planted or both.

+ What new features may I expect in the near future

The first big one is the ability to store your own Snippets in a Cloud Service of your choosing, so you can easily access your favorite Snippets from anywhere at any time. We have a long list in store for you. As time progresses, we’ll add them to our Roadmap. You can add to this board too! Just follow the simple instructions. Thank you for any idea or wish you’re willing to share.

+ My question is not here, what now?

Drop it in the comments and we’ll get to it fast