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Data privacy is a real concern for us all especially in this digital age. This article helps to clarify what data / information we collect and use when the plugin is installed on your website.

Q. Does the Code Snippets plugin collect or use any visitor or visitor-related information?

No, the plugin does not collect or process any website visitor information. To be even clearer, no site user data, website content, visitor information is collected or processed by the plugin, licence manager or the cloud.

Q. What information does the plugin collect and/or use?

The plugin only collects data that pertains to the website, such as the hostname and the IP address of the server where the site is hosted. This is predominantly done for management of the pro licensing where we use a third party licensing service called Freemius who collect some very basic information necessary to manage licensing of the plugin. There are optional diagnostic data that you can opt in for. If you choose not to, then in the list of installed plugins, under code snippets there is an option called opt-out which gives further details (see screenshots below).

Q. That's amazing what about Code Snippets Cloud and Code Snippets AI?

If you connect your WordPress site to the code snippet cloud for any of the following: 

  • Snippet Backup 
  • Sync and transfer snippet data 
  • Sync between sites
  • Code snippets AI - connection to code snippets cloud is required for use of AI.

For any of the above, there is some data that is sent to the cloud. This data is only related to the website itself and server its hosted on which we require for security and authentication purposes. Unfortunately you cannot opt out of this and if you are really concerned about this then please feel free to contact us to discuss those concerns further, or you can choose to disconnect the site from the code snippet cloud service once you have all the snippet data you need on the website.